Videos from the industry

Dr. Karen Becker

Karen Shaw Becker is the most followed veterinarian in the world, and for good reason. Dr Becker believes in a deliberate, common sense approach to creating and maintaining vibrant health for companion animals and an unconventional, integrative approach to addressing disease and re-establishing wellbeing in ill pets. This refreshing, proactive approach that intentionally focuses on creating or restoring wellbeing has been embraced by millions of pet lovers around the world.

Dr. Tom Lonsdale

Tom dives into a study done on kibble fed dogs and the impact it has on their teeth. As we all know, dental hygiene is incredibly important for our animals as much as it is for us. Kibble fed dogs have more plaque and tartar built up on their teeth, and will generally have smellier breath.

Natures Menu

Ryan O Meara, One of the UKs leading behaviour and training specialists and editor to K9 magazine. Hear in this video how his experiences being taught the trade by the Queens dog trainer himself! Discover how even the Queen has an understanding that Raw is Best!

Perfectly Raw

Dr. Lea Stogdale, Veterinarian & Perfectly Raw Nutrition Advisor, considers raw diets (complete and balanced) to be the best nutrition for our pets, and has endorsed the perfectly raw foods. Watch her 3 part video series on raw feeding for your pets here.