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What to do when dogs attack dogs

I have seen far too many reports of dog-on-dog attacks recently in my feeds. Even more disturbing is the number which involve a dog being attacked, and the attacking dog’s owner either being unaware or seeing the attack but then leaving without addressing it. Under the local Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw, Sec 4 (1)(i) states

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Diapers for dogs

I’ve written many columns about the troubles of sizing apparel for dogs. Unlike people, who are generally the same shape and layout, but vary in size, dogs are all over the map in shape and size, making finding things that fit a real challenge unless you have a “dog” shaped dog. With dogs varying in

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Why does my pet scratch

Why does my pet scratch? It must have allergies, right? I get this question every day, and in my experience, there is no one answer to the question. What the itch is, how it presents, what exacerbates it all come into the discussion, and are all important to resolving the issue. Allergies are, to a

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When you have 2 dogs

When you have 2 dogs, and you want to give them both something to chew, why can’t they just be nice and focus on the one you’ve given them? Why does every dog think that you’ve given the other dog something better? Rey and Leia need different chews. Rey can and will eat anything, but

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