When they first thaw our raw pet foods, many people comment  “This looks like people food”.  Well, it is.  And it is dog food too.  Those little brown pellets we’ve been taught is “pet food” really isn’t what pets were meant to eat.  They are cheap and convenient, and won’t kill your dog quickly, but they are far from optimum nutrition. 

Now that you’ve decided to feed your pet a species appropriate diet, here are a few meal ideas for you.  Who thought feeding a pet could be this much fun!

Meal planning for variety:

We recommend not just different proteins, but different manufacturers of foods to give you the best long term balance in your pet’s diet. 

By mixing it up, you give the pet a maximum opportunity to find the nutrients it needs among the different food offerings, in a way they are best able to utilize them. 

Here are some examples of how to get variety without breaking the bank.