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Turkey Minibites


1.25lb bag

Turkey (meat, bones, liver, heart), green beans, kale, cranberries, papaya, sunflower seeds, ground almonds

Pets4Life Turkey features antibiotic and hormone free Canadian raised turkey and is a foundational protein that never disappoints. Uncomplicated and an ideal alternative to chicken, this meal underlines the importance of superior taste complementing excellent nutrition.

Supplementing for optimal health is always important. We recommend adding omega-3 (oil or an omega-3 whole food source) and kelp three times per week to provide your pet with the best nutrition possible.

Every cat is different. We recommend you start by feeding 2-3% of your cat’s body weight per day and adjust that amount up or down depending on their age, energy levels and ideal weight. Not looking to feed as a full meal? Add Pets4Life Mini Bites as a topper to your pet’s raw bowl and as an added boost of flavour and nutrition.

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