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Duck Heads


Here at Thrive we want only the best for your pet. That’s why we carry a wide selection of raw bones and treats!

Cooked chicken bones are very dangerous, but raw ones are safe, as long as they are not gulped whole, which could be a choking hazard.  Normal digestive juices break raw ones down easily.

Raw bones are perfectly fine to give dogs as long as you follow certain guidelines and supervise in case the animal gets in danger.  Because they have not been cooked, they are still high in water content, and relatively soft.  The bone is also easy to digest if the pieces consumed are an appropriate size and in an appropriate quantity.

People worry about raw bones in the house, and many keep them as an outside treat.  If you want to let your dog enjoy them indoors, use a mat to train them on.  A bathmat, a towel, or something you can toss in the washer or throw away.  If they take the bone off the mat, take it away from them and return it to the mat.  They learn really quick that when the mat comes out, they’re getting a bone, as long as they stay on the mat.

Observing the dog during its consumption of the bone and ensuring it does not have a chance to ingest a large piece that may pose a choking hazard is essential.  Most dogs have no issues, but some get over excited and over ambitious, and “bite off more than they can chew”, or swallow as the case may be.   If your dog is an excitable gulper, bones are probably not an option for you.

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