Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder


This powder is an excellent source of protein, calcium and manganese. Eco friendly, creating a fraction of the CO2 other proteins make. Sourced exclusively in Canada, raised on pre-consumer waste; CFIA inspected fruits, vegetables and grains.

  • The powder created from BSF larvae is filled with essential amino acids, digestible lipids and antimicrobial components. As noted in the table, black soldier fly has a comparable level of the ten essential amino acids that dogs need.
  • BSF oil is not only rich in lauric acid, but also has significant levels of unsaturated fats, with a profile of 21% monounsaturated and 19% polyunsaturated.

Red Dog Blue Kat uses BSFL in their products. Here’s some more information on what it is and why you should consider it as a staple in your pets diet:https://www.reddogbluekat.com/post/what-is-black-soldier-fly-larvae-and-why-we-use-them-in-our-products


250gm, 500gm

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