Pictures in the Park

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Pictures in the Park.


Fall is a wonderful time, the leaves changing colour, the air so clean and crisp in the morning, just a perfect time to get out and walk the dog.


It is also a great time for photography!  These amazing colours, the way the light breaks through the canopy, filtered through the changing leaves, it can be just spectacular.


Action shots of big dogs romping through piles of leaves, running along the path of dappled sunlight, with a halo of leaves flying up behind them, or chasing a thrown stick, jumping in the air to catch.  Awesome.


Taking advantage of spectacular backdrops and scenery makes a dog portrait so much more than just a picture of your best friend.  It becomes art worthy of hanging on the wall, not just a screen saver for this month on your computer/phone.  Jackie likes to sit Stitch on a stump, which is a great way to get a dog to pose. 


Stitch, our precocious little French Bulldog, gets way too many pictures taken of her.  And, while she deserves every one, Jackie does make some sensational shots.  The one above is a case in point.  Is it a shot of our pup, or a shot of the trees that our pup is photobombing? 


We are in a new age, with so many more photos being taken every year than the year before,   When I was a kid, I dabbled in photography.  I had a good SLR camera, and a darkroom.  The photos I took, black and white, were limited by how much film I could afford, which was not a lot.  If I took 36 pictures in a week, that was a lot.


Now, with almost everyone having a high definition camera right in their phones, people take 36 pictures in a few minutes.  I find my phone/camera constantly hitting its limit and having to go through and delete hundreds of pictures that I would never have taken had it cost me money for film.  I'd guess I take 100 times as many pictures now.


There is no reason why we can't all have lovely pictures of our pets, and now is a great time to be capturing memories of these fleeting fall moments that last oh so short a time.  But then again, pictures of our puppies enjoying their first snowfall is only a few months away, and then comes Stitch diving into the deep snow in the dead of winter.  Come to think of it, is there a bad time to take a picture of our pets?



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