It's the Holiday Season Again

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Its the holiday season again, time to dress up our families in awkward costumes and make a funny picture to send to everyone.  And if the family includes someone that wears a fur coat 24/7, time for a funny hat, and a collar with bells on. 


The holidays are a time for giving, and in that spirit, the wonderful people at Vada's Club K9 hosted a fundraiser for the Boston Terrier / Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba.  While Kim, Jadine and the ladies did nail trims and brush outs, the BTPRSM ladies held a bake sale, sold knit wear for dogs, and tickets for the silent auction.  (this lucky guy bought a bunch and won 2 baskets).


The main event was pictures with Santa.  With a box full of fancy dress for dogs, Coralee and Rebecca from were taking pictures of our furry friends sitting on Santa's lap.  Or lapping at Santa, as the case may be.  If you think getting a child to smile and look at the camera for a holiday picture can be tough, add an extra pair of legs into the equation and the desire to chew on what looks like the worlds biggest stuff toy. 


With a patience that was heroic, and with the tricks developed as professionals, the pictures came out great.  Along with some wonderful photos, the event was able to raise just over $1600!  A great effort, in the holiday spirit, to help out our furry pals in need.


With the picture out of the way (if you missed this event, keep you eyes/ears peeled, because there are other similar events hosted around the city), we can get the rest of the house prepped for Christmas.  Having a puppy again makes the preparations a little more difficult, but not impossible.  Main thing is to keep in mind what she's going to want to try to get into. 


Dog and cat proofing a Christmas tree is an almost impossible task.  If they want to get at it, they will.  Just make sure that there aren't any loose wires they might get tangled in, or low hanging garlands that might entice them to tug.  If they take a special interest in any of the decorations, due to their appearance or movement, best to remove them, or place them out of harms way. 


Christmas baking and treats are important parts of entertaining, making sure the pets don't get into them is very important.   Many contain dark chocolate with caffeine that can be dangerous to pets, as well as sweeteners like sorbitol which can be very poisonous to pets.  In households where the pets may have allergies, guests must be cautioned about sharing their treats with the pets.  Just a few crumbs can cause an allergic reaction, not unlike giving a child with a peanut allergy a  peanut butter cookie.  You might think a small morsel would be harmless, but the pain it puts the animal through and the possible vet bills just isn't worth it.


A safe and happy holiday season isn't difficult to provide our pets, if we just give it a little thought and care.  Happy Holidays!

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