Cats Have Staff

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I've used the term "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff" a million times, and as a person sharing his home with one of each, it is a very true statement.


My wife and I were sitting, watching TV, when the cat (Streaky Bell), our Bengal, decided it was time to explore every inch of the room in thirty seconds.  He had been comfortably napping in my lap (I think he may have some sort of teleportation device to get to my lap the instant I sit down), when off he went, in a flurry, leaving evidence of his traction in my leg.


Off the chair, over my head onto the railing, pause a moment and then a drift that would make Vin Deisel proud around the kitchen, back into the TV room, across the back of the couch, off the treadmill, over the hearth and up his cat tree.  Pause for a moment, lick a paw, look regal, and then get that crazy look in the eyes and off into the rest of the house, scritch scritch scritching on the hardwood. 


Streaky has been an interesting roommate over the past years, we have had to put all our bread products in cupboards with childlocks, and still he can find a way to get the tortillas out.  There are rooms that are off limits to him, and most collectables are behind glass. 


That doesn't stop him from getting into trouble, though.  You can be just falling off to sleep when you hear the beep of the oven controls.  Sometimes the beep comes after you fall asleep.  Most of the time, its just the oven light, so not a big concern. 


And its not like he doesn't have toys and an exceptional cat tree to keep his attention.   He does use them, but like most cats, he can find just about anything to be an interesting toy.  Hair bands, bottle tops, wadded up pieces of paper are as likely to catch his eye as a catnip stuffed mouse.  But give that catnip mouse a rub, release the scent, and zoom...


But when all the activity has ended, or when strangers are in the house, you can find him perched in his spot in the basement, in the top one of a pile of bean bag chairs in the laundry room, warm and content in his private little hideaway.


Giving cats an acceptable scratching area, and sufficient toys can keep the from causing too much bedlam in the house.  There are many way to limit them from damaging areas, sprays that have a scent cats don't like, guards that can protect vulnerable areas like corners of couches or furniture and even mats that are either pokey or have a static charge to them to prevent cats from jumping up on certain areas.


These different treatments and devices can correct bad behaviour.  They don't work for all cats, but there is usually some method for fixing a bad habit.  Over the years, we've heard all types of issues, and come up with all manner of solutions, and we're always happy to try and help out, don't be afraid to drop in or give us a call.

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