Its that time of year again, time to start planning summer vacations, and how to integrate your pets into those plans.   Some pets, mainly dogs, enjoy traveling with their families, and are quite at home in the car, or in a kennel at the hotel while the family is pursuing activities where a pet might not be appropriate or even
I’m always looking for topics for these columns that will both inform and entertain our readers.  So when a question comes in, the old juices get flowing and I attack the task like a dog on a bone. My last column was about Hedgehogs.  I tried to, in 500 words, give you as full a picture of the pet as I could.  And at the


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Many years ago, in a city far, far away, there lived a young newywed, with a lovely young wife.  He knew that making her parents happy would go a long way to keeping her happy, so he set out to find a way into their hearts.   Lo and behold, he found out that her mother wanted a canary.  The young man had contacts, including a


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Hedgehogs aren’t just in Video Games The City of Winnipeg recently passed the “Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw” replacing our previous Exotic Pet Bylaw.  This bylaw was originally proposed as a direct copy of Ottawa’s bylaw, and pet industry stakeholders were asked for input on it.  I took the task to heart, and

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When I was a kid, I shoveled walks, mowed lawns, had paper routes and such to pay for my hobbies.  I can't remember a time when I wasn't actively involved in some sort of entrepreneurial venture.  But a lot of my expenses in my hobbies were covered by my hobbies.    From the time I got my first aquarium, I always had a "wet


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Ferrets. Loveable little critters that can weasel their way into your heart.  Bigger than a Hamster, but smaller than a Cat, for many people they are a good fit as a pet, giving them an interactive pet without needing a huge commitment of space.   While space is not a big issue with ferrets, time can be. They are very interactive and