Wintertime presents challenges for our pets.  Over the years, we've picked up a few tricks that can make life easier that we love to pass along.  And, if you have any, we'd love to hear them.   Cats don't have an issue with outdoor weather in winter.  When petting my bengal Streaky this morning, I couldn't help but think how
There are a lot of little things that we have to deal with day to day in the pet business.  The toughest part of a full line pets store (one that has live animals as well as supplies) is dealing with live animals.    Taking care of one pet can sometimes be a challenge, right?  Some families have multiple pets, and even
Winterizing your pet. Winter is fast approaching, and when we’re out getting our new winter duds, let’s not forget our other family members who go out in our frigid weather as well. Dogs have a built in fur coat, and many do not need additional winter clothing.   Double coated dogs like Huskies, Sheppards, and Newfies have
  Winter is coming.  So, its time to get your dog groomed.  What?  Don’t I want my dogs coat to stay long and keep him warm in the winter?  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Long coats do not keep a dog warmer in winter. They can actually make the dog colder.  Having five layers of clothes on does not
Many people think that keeping a dog’s coat long through the winter keeps it warm.  Unfortunately, this is not always true, and many poor animals suffer because of it.   And usually it is in springtime that we see the unfortunate results of these decisions. Those long coats that we are cleaning up in spring reveal problems
What a Canadian thing to do this winter.  Dog sledding.  Two of our new friends at the store are Sam and Marc-Andre of Harness Adventure.  They just moved down from Churchill and brought their 13 mushing dogs to the balmy southern locale of Richer, Manitoba.   Anyone who knows me knows that winter and I don’t get
Walking in a Winter Wonderland.   Walking our pets is a great way to get regular exercise.  Having your puppy scratching at the door is a lot more motivation to get up off the couch than any personal trainer can provide.  If you can use it as a time to bond with your pet, even better.   Sometimes, looking outside and seeing


Ticks.  One of the most feared and reviled critter in the under an inch size class.  Just plain creepy.  And once you’ve had the first one of the season on your skin, you can feel the phantom ones crawling on you at any time, anyplace.  A shiver just went up my spine, thinking about it.   While we occasionally get
Yes, it is that awful time of year again.  Give me snow, give me freezing temperatures, because those are the times that we don’t face ticks and mosquitos.  I’d much rather bundle up than pick ticks off my dog, or worse, off me.  There have been a lot of viral videos and posts recently about many flea and tick