Winterizing your pet. Winter is fast approaching, and when we’re out getting our new winter duds, let’s not forget our other family members who go out in our frigid weather as well. Dogs have a built in fur coat, and many do not need additional winter clothing.   Double coated dogs like Huskies, Sheppards, and Newfies have


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Enjoying the outdoors with your pet is one of the great health benefits for pet owners.  Something as simple as a walk around the block, or longer walks around the park, visits to a dog park or even biking with you dog are all activities that are good for both of you.   When walking a dog, there are some tips that can help you avoid
Yes, it is that awful time of year again.  Give me snow, give me freezing temperatures, because those are the times that we don’t face ticks and mosquitos.  I’d much rather bundle up than pick ticks off my dog, or worse, off me.  There have been a lot of viral videos and posts recently about many flea and tick


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We share our living space with our companion animals, and while we may not appreciate some of the smells they share with us, they also do not appreciate the smells we can use.  Many of the products we don’t give a second thought to can be very dangerous to pets.  Air fresheners can use some questionable or even toxic chemicals in
It’s getting close to wintertime, and people are starting to ask about boots for dogs again.  I know we touched on this in “Winterizing your Pet”, but let’s go a little deeper today.  Yes, you can buy boots for just about any dog, there are sizes and styles that can work for almost every breed.  But, far

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With the snow melting and the rivers on the rise, it comes time to think about dog water safety again.    Many people think dogs are all great swimmers, that the "dog paddle" is something that is pure instinct.  It is, but there are some breeds that, while they know how to swim, they just aren't able to for any period of

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Pet travel safety is something we don’t always give enough thought to.  Whether it be by car, or by plane, we do have to make special arrangements to ensure the safety of our pets when travelling. In the car, we can restrain our pets with a “seat belt” or in a kennel.  The reason we need to restrain a pet properly is
In today’s fast paced world, we look to improve our lives and save time with prepared foods, and many look to improve the nutrition we may be missing by using supplements.  We also may have an activity or an affliction that requires us to add more of something to our diet, or avoid certain things. Those same reasons also apply to our

Pet Dental Month

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Every year we hear about Pet Dental Month.  It is a reminder that our pets have teeth, and that those teeth need care, just like ours.  And we should be conscious of this, but not just one month a year, but all year round.   Dental issues, both in people and in pets, can lead to other problems.  This makes dental health an