Spoiling our pets with natural treats. 365 days of the year, it’s Trick for Treats with our pets.  Unfortunately, like most snacks and treats for kids, many pet treats are “candy”.  Loaded with sugars, fructose/glucose, artificial colours and flavours, glutens and other ingredients we know aren’t good for us or
Continuing from last column, in response to Dr Gould's Letter to the editor.    Dr. Gould quotes a 2012 position paper from the CVMA.  The CVMA has no medical standing, but rather are "an organization that provides programs and services to assist veterinarians with their careers."    The paper cites "potential liability"
A Letter to the Editor from Sheri Gould DVM in response to a recent column has brought up a few questions that I think need public discussion.  Over my next 2 installments, I would like to discuss the issues.   Dr. Gould brings up some interesting points.  Pet nutrition is more than just an interest for me, it is a primary focus

Kibble to Raw

Pet Nutrition
Raw foods are getting a tremendous following now, just as we are trying to eat healthier, letting our pets eat healthier just makes sense.  No nutritionist in the world would tell you that you need to eat processed and chemically treated foods.  Why, then, are we told that’s what we should feed our pets?  If there was a

Green Tripe

Pet Nutrition
Probably the stinkiest thing you will ever dream of feeding a pet, it can be one of the best as well.   Tripe.  Not the white honeycomb tripe you find at the Asian Market, or the steamed, spiced and sauced delicacy you get at Dim Sum, but Green Tripe, fresh from the animal.  Tripe that has been processed for human consumption has

Frozen Raw

Pet Nutrition
It took me a long time to embrace frozen raw dog food.  It just seemed to be too difficult, too expensive and too dangerous to actually be worth doing, especially with all the great kibble dog foods out there. But I saw the results many of my friends and customers were having using raw diets, and my attitude changed.    Yes, you
Does your pet have Gas or Bad Breath   Many of our customers have noted that once they’ve switched to a better food, the incidence of gas and bad breath are reduced.  So that can be a primary treatment for these conditions.       Gas can be caused in a number of ways.  Some animals take in air when they


Pet Nutrition
Digestion.  It's a hard thing to... digest?  We all know about it when it isn't working right, both for us and for our pets.  We see the ads on TV all the time talking about how to improve our digestive health.  But do we realize just how important proper digestive health is to our lives?   70% or more of the

Choosing Raw

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I guess that sometimes two parties have to agree to disagree.  When there are two opposing viewpoints, one is usually correct.  Deciding which to believe sometimes takes a little research, and looking at possible bias in the information.   Science says dogs are carnivores, kibble companies say they are omnivores.  One has a