What is in your pet's food?   There have been a lot of media reports lately about pet foods, and large pet food companies being sued by consumers, and even suing each other over false claims and ingredient mislabeling.    There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which brand of pet food you want to choose for your
One of the biggest questions we get asked is what is the best way to transition a pet between foods.   The accepted procedure is to wean the pet between the foods over a week by mixing the foods, gradually moving from one to the other.  25% new, 75% old for a few days, 50/50 for a few days, 75% new, 25% old for a few days and you're

The Raw Truth

Pet Nutrition
We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the hazards of raw dog food diets lately, and there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there.  So I’ll try to address a few of the big questions today. The biggest concern is Salmonella.  Yes, raw foods are a salmonella risk.  As are any raw foods that we prepare for our
This has been an amazing week for me.  The raw food movement is gaining so much momentum and this week, I was able to visit with a number of our raw fed dogs and see just how much their lives have improved.  It is probably the biggest reason I do this job, seeing how we can, through a little education, make pets lives better.  
We are experiencing an epidemic in the pet world.  Cancer.  We know that it is one of the most prevalent diseases in people, as we see with Pink Month and other fundraising and awareness programs for humans.  Our pets can be just as hard hit by cancer, and have few resources to address the issue.   Too many of our beloved
Streaky Bell seems to get mentioned in a large percentage of my columns.  As our only furry cohabitator at the moment, he does make an easy subject to write about.  That, and he's a pretty cool cat, too.   Streaky Bell (named by my daughter after Supergirl's cat, Streaky, and Alexander Graham Bell) is a Bengal Cat, and is almost
Storing pet foods   Most people thing that a tightly sealed plastic container is the best way to store their pet’s dry food.  In some ways, that’s a good choice, as it keeps rodents, insects and the pets out of the food.  But, unfortunately, it can create more problems than it solves.   The tightly sealed
We live in a society that is changing, with seniors making up a larger part of the population every day, and the same is true for our pet community.  Better foods and supplements, better health care, and more emphasis on exercise has led to longer healthier lives for our animals.  Add to that the extraordinary measures we now employ to
I’m always looking for topics for these columns that will both inform and entertain our readers.  So when a question comes in, the old juices get flowing and I attack the task like a dog on a bone. My last column was about Hedgehogs.  I tried to, in 500 words, give you as full a picture of the pet as I could.  And at the