Winter is coming.  So, its time to get your dog groomed.  What?  Don’t I want my dogs coat to stay long and keep him warm in the winter?  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Long coats do not keep a dog warmer in winter. They can actually make the dog colder.  Having five layers of clothes on does not
Many people think that keeping a dog’s coat long through the winter keeps it warm.  Unfortunately, this is not always true, and many poor animals suffer because of it.   And usually it is in springtime that we see the unfortunate results of these decisions. Those long coats that we are cleaning up in spring reveal problems
Springtime is just around the corner, which means its time for groomers to start seeing another crop of very matted dogs.   I've used this column many times to emphasize the importance of wintertime grooming, stressing that a dog with a short, well maintained coat can be a lot warmer than a dog with longer fur.    I know this
Its puddles and mud season.  A dog's favourite time of year.  If you aren't ready for it, it can be quite the mess.  But a few tricks are there for those that prepare, and keeping your car and house mud free is not a difficult task.   For those that can avoid problem areas, that's the easy way to prevent a mess.  But a
I was watching an episode of a veterinarian show and there was a dog suffering from some affliction that caused it to walk in circles and lose control of its hind legs.  They were very thorough in their assessment of what the condition could be, blood work, x-rays, even suggesting a CAT scan.  But the whole time, as the dog kept


Day in, day out, discussions about dog’s coats and grooming take up a large part of my day.   Which brings me to the topic of mats.  Mats are an unfortunate occurrence that happens far too often, and sometimes with tragic consequences.  Just like some kid’s hair seems to always get full of tangles, and others

Grooming Palooza

Professionals of every ilk have conventions.  These gatherings of like minded people allow for everyone to grow in their chosen field, exchanging new ideas and techniques that allow them to do a better job for their clients.   Dog groomers are no exception.  Winnipeg hosted Groomerpalooza recently, with 50 professional pet