There are a lot of little things that we have to deal with day to day in the pet business.  The toughest part of a full line pets store (one that has live animals as well as supplies) is dealing with live animals.    Taking care of one pet can sometimes be a challenge, right?  Some families have multiple pets, and even

Westman Reptile

On the drive west on Hwy 1, just before Brandon is a "Star Attraction" sign.  WestmanReptileGardens is tucked out of the way, just a few minute drive off the highway.  Just getting that sign was one of the many struggles faced in Dave Shelvey's dream of having a place to share the animals he is so passionate about with everyone.  
I love hearing about celebrities that care about animals, and the pets they've chosen.  I was watching Jimmy Fallon the other night, and Benicio Del Toro was talking about his pets.  They talked about his 2 dogs, an Aussie Sheppard and a banana loving St. Bernard.  And then they discussed his other pets, 2 tortoises.   When
The turtle. When I was a kid, turtles were a common pet.  The local Woolworths had a tank of “red eared sliders”, and those plastic, kidney shaped tubs to house them in, with the little palm tree.  Pretty much every kid had one at one time or another, and most didn’t last too long. They’d either crawl out of the

Podgy the Pig

  Emily Sydor and her pig Podgy were in the news recently, in front of city council trying to get a special permit to allow Podgy to stay within the Winnipeg city limits.  Her family claims that Emily's bond with Podgy assists with mental health issues, and that the pig is essentially a service animal.   With the ruling that Podgy

Living with a Dragon

Living with a Dragon Bearded Dragons are one of the most popular reptile pets, for good reason.  They combine a size, hardiness and ease of keeping that makes them a great choice as a pet for a first time reptile keeper, or the most advanced herpetologist. Hailing from the outback of Australia, Bearded Dragons are from arid woodlands