Our rescue shelters are overflowing with dogs and puppies looking for homes, and even with more spay/neuter programs in place, it does not seem to be slowing down.  With all these dogs looking for homes, I can understand why certain people are against dog breeders.  Most don’t understand that there is a difference between a bred


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Enjoying the outdoors with your pet is one of the great health benefits for pet owners.  Something as simple as a walk around the block, or longer walks around the park, visits to a dog park or even biking with you dog are all activities that are good for both of you.   When walking a dog, there are some tips that can help you avoid

Urban Puppy Mill

I just saw a horrible news story about a local woman being charged for abusing 15 dogs in her home in the Daniel McIntyre area, apparently running a puppy mill out of her house.  The dogs had been basically abandoned, many were abused, were injured and all were dehydrated and malnourished.  This was in a house, in the city!  It
Its that time of year again, time to start planning summer vacations, and how to integrate your pets into those plans.   Some pets, mainly dogs, enjoy traveling with their families, and are quite at home in the car, or in a kennel at the hotel while the family is pursuing activities where a pet might not be appropriate or even

Training a Dog

Training a dog.   There are all kinds of methods for training a dog, and finding one that fits you, your dog, and your lifestyle is a balancing act that can take some work to resolve.   Dogs fill all kinds of roles in our lives.  From working dogs that herd, do search and rescue, or retrieve, to dogs that being a fashion accessory
I'm not a veterinarian, but I do spend my waking hours in the service of pets and the people taking care of pets.  I do get a lot of questions that are not so much diagnostic, but to help people decide their course of action.  And, in any case that requires a veterinarian's care/input, I always make sure that they have been or will be

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge There are a number of stories written about the Rainbow Bridge, a beautiful meadow where pets that pass before their owners wait until they can re-unite on the other side, and enter Heaven together.   But would pets get the same treatment?   Too many pets survive their human partners, only to spend the end

The Dog Park

The Dog Park. We are blessed with wide open spaces in Winnipeg, and some of those wide open spaces have been designated as Dog Parks.  A listing of these areas can be found in the “Fields for Fido” area of the website. If you’ve had a chance to use one of these areas, you know how great the experience can be