Water Change

Water Change   More than any other factor, water change is the most important thing in maintaining an aquarium’s water quality, and thereby, the fish’s health.   Many people believe that topping up evaporated water is water change.  This is one of the most dangerous mistakes that is made in keeping fish.  
The Wonder of a Betta fish. The Siamese Fighting Fish has long been a staple of the pet industry.  These hardy, gorgeous fish have so many things going for them that they can’t help but be the most popular aquatic pet. Firstly, they are beautiful.  Most of the ones we see in pet stores are males, mainly because like so many
The turtle. When I was a kid, turtles were a common pet.  The local Woolworths had a tank of “red eared sliders”, and those plastic, kidney shaped tubs to house them in, with the little palm tree.  Pretty much every kid had one at one time or another, and most didn’t last too long. They’d either crawl out of the
Pond season is back upon us.  And with it, the same pond problems we face year after year.  But there are answers, and I’ll try to shed some light on those in this column. The problem I’m asked about most often is algae.  Green water.  Pea soup in the back yard.  Surprisingly, it is a very easy problem to


In the world of aquariums, there are fish that serve a purpose other than just looking pretty.  In fact, they can be downright ugly, luckily they hide most of the time.   The fish are algae eaters, more specifically, fish that are grouped as “Plecos”.  In the aquarium trade, the first of these amazing fish to hit the

Fish Keepting

I have kept tropical fish for 40+ years.  I remember my first tank, a 3.5 gal tank with 2 Cherry Barbs and a Bronze Cory catfish.  I was happy with that tank for about 2 weeks, and then I needed a bigger one.  There were a few aquariums in the basement from years past, so I dragged out a 20 gallon.  Chrome trim, slate bottom,