Can't Escape Being a Pet Expert

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Writing this column has been a great experience for me.  Almost daily someone mentions it, or recognizes me on the street and asks about a subject I’ve written about.  I never thought it would grow like this, but thank you everyone, for reading it and giving me the feedback.  Between the column and my Aardvark Pets 1964 Econoline van that I drive in the summer, I seem to spend as much time answering questions outside the store as I do inside.

I was visiting Vada’s Club K9, where they are fostering a rescue dog from a reserve that just gave birth to 12 puppies.  I’ve agreed to provide mom (Hera) and puppies (Apollo, Athena, Ares and the rest) with our raw food, and I was dropping the first batch off there.  Anyone interested, there is a picture of Mom and puppies on our website, they can go home in 2 months, but you can get your name in for one now!  As I came out, there were people taking pictures of my van, and we got to talking.

After a long discussion about where the van came from (bought on eBay, it was in Butte, Montana) and about what good shape it is in for a 50 year old vehicle, the topic turned to our store, advertised on the side.  They asked if we sold good pet foods.  I blushed and told them that’s all we sell.  Which prompted a “But do you sell Raw?” and off we go.  I explained why I was there, dropping off raw food for Hera.  The discussion went on for a while about nutrition for cats, and why don’t more people feed raw, especially for cats.  After all, they are obligate carnivores, meaning that their nutritional needs are met by eating a diet that consists of animal-based proteins. 

As our discussion continued about the benefits of good nutrition, I mentioned that, ironically, it seemed like a disproportionate amount of my raw feeding customers were vegetarian.  They looked at each other and she said “I’m a vegetarian” (they were heading into the Indian restaurant beside Vadas).   Which got us all laughing. 

We agreed that it must be that vegetarians, while they have their own ethics and morals about eating meat, do not generally impose them on others, including their pets.  Being hyper sensitive about nutrition, and what they put into their own bodies makes them more cognizant of what they feed animals in their charge.  Which makes them more likely to read a label carefully, and even go beyond that label and research where it is made and by whom.

When you do this depth of research, a lot of the time raw becomes the only answer for your pets.  In searching out options for raw feeding, people are finding us more and more.  And they are surprised at just how easy and affordable raw feeding can be.

 Well, a half hour whooshed by, and I was late for supper, but it capped off another wonderful day of helping people and their pets have great lives together.  15 years we’ve been serving St. Vital and area, and I’d love to say, there hasn’t been a day of it where I’ve felt like I’ve had to go to work.  Thanks everyone.

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