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Bikes and dogs.  The police came and complained that my dogs were chasing kids on bikes, which is odd, because my neither of my dogs can ride a bike.  Just a dad joke, but many people want to take their dogs for a run, and want to use a bike to do it with.  Some with smaller dogs just want the dog to be able to enjoy the bike ride.

There are solutions for that.  If your dog is extremely well trained and obedient, you may be able to get away with using standard gear when taking a dog for a bike / run.  If the dog can maintain precise position in elation to the bike and is not influenced by external stimuli, there may not be an issue. 

Riding a bike holding onto the leash, if the dog is suddenly startled by a car swerving or honking, or a rabbit on the other side of the road, or any number of things, they can make a sudden movement you may not be expecting.  This movement can cause you to make an unexpected swerve of your own, and in the best case scenario, you fall down.  Worst case, you swerve into traffic and we don’t want to think what that outcome might be, for you or your dog. Unfortunately, most dogs are influenced by external stimuli, and therefore need a safer way of running with the bike. 

To that end, there are products that attach to the seat tube of the frame (between the sprocket and the crossbar) and allow you to attach the dog to the most stable part of the bike.  If they get startled or decide to pull, they are pulling directly on the centre of gravity for the bike, which will make it more difficult to topple the bike and rider.  These devices can also double as a leash once the destination has been reached, by clipping on and off the holder easily.

These units can be single or double sided, therefore  one or two dogs can be walked simultaneously.  They also usually have a rigid component that keeps the dog away from pedals and gears.   You can also get additional attachments, helpful if you have more than one person’s bike you want to walk the dogs with.  So you buy one arm per dog, and one attachment per bike, and you are fully outfitted.

For the little dogs that can’t keep up beside the bike, but that still want to feel the breeze in their face, there are carriers designed for that.   For the smaller dogs, you can get a handlebar basket, like Dorothy had for Toto.  The modern ones have restraints that stop dogs from jumping out, handy in case of tornados.  Snoozer makes nice ones of these, and there are other manufacturers as well, depending on the price you’d like to pay.

For small and medium dogs, there are products like the Buddy Rider that attach to the crossbar.  These can accommodate more weight than handlebar baskets, and keep the dog right in your lap.  There are also seats that attach behind the rider, like a bike rack.  These can be larger, but now the pet is not in your line of sight, so you have to be more careful with them potentially getting into trouble back there.

For either running beside, or accompanying you on the bike, there is no reason not to share your daily ride with your furry buddy.   



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