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Adoption.  In December, I wrote about the difference between puppy mills and breeders.  Last month I wrote about the irreplaceable DeeDee.  Well, the week after, we went down another street, and adopted a 4yr old, 7lb toy poodle, Cuppa Joe.

Joe was rescued from a backyard breeder.  Kim at Vada’s Club K9, who does nail trims for the Manitoba Pug Rescue, told them they should bring Joe to our shop and show me.  We had lost Zoey before Christmas, and Kim thought we might be a potential “furever home” for Joe.

Kim has a white toy poodle named Quinn that is the identical opposite of Joe, who is black.  Every time I go to Vada’s, I have to pick up Quinn and play with him.  He’s so little and usually in some exotic style, either colored like a rainbow or his fur carved like a sculpture (he’s a camel right now).   With Joe being a copy of Quinn, Kim thought we’d be a perfect candidate for adoption.

So on that fateful Saturday afternoon, in walks Lori and her daughter with Joe and she says “Kim said we should show you Joe”.  Did you need some advice on grooming products?  Or foods?  Other questions about his care?  “No, Joe is looking for his new family, Kim thought you’d be a good fit”

Jackie has been saying that she wasn’t ready for a new dog since before Zoey passed.  We had gotten Zoey before we lost DeeDee, so we really haven’t been without a dog for a long time.  But Joe was so cute, I had to at least give her the chance to say yes.  So I told them to show Joe to Jackie, who was grooming a dog at the time.  So they took Joe back and told her that I had told them to show him to her. 

She had the same reaction as I, wondering if Joe needed a nail trim or a grooming appointment, never thinking about the adoption concept.  When I told her that he was looking for his furever home, that he was a rescue, she looked at me and said “No”.  But I could tell that no was really a maybe, especially when she repeated it, and then again, when she said “no” the third time.  She reluctantly handed Joe back and went back into her grooming room.

So we continued talking about Manitoba Pug Rescue and how they ended up with a poodle.  And then it happened, Jackie came out of her grooming room and said “OK, we’ll take him”.  Just like that.  I wasn’t trying to convince her or anything, but he needed a home.   Turns out, she had discussed with her mom just days earlier that if she got another dog, she wanted a toy poodle, as long as it was black.  And this time, she’d like a male as she has only owned female dogs until now.

So it was fate.  He’s Jackie’s dog, literally on her heel 24/7.  Doesn’t like me, must be some issue there from his past, but I’m working with him on it.  And now, we’ve taken in our first foster, Julie, a 7 year old female Scotty from the same place.  She’s a different situation, though, just temporary.  Hopefully, by the time this runs, we’ll have found her a home.  In the meantime, though, Jackie will pretty her up, and Joe has someone to play with that he is familiar with.




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