A Stitch in Time

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I have always admired the passion people build for certain things in their lives.  Hobbies, cars, pets, teams... These all lead to people wanting to share the happiness that these things have brought into their lives. 


Passionate people that come in with clothing emblazoned with a picture of the breed of pet they have, or who are members of a breed club (or a rescue organization), animal lovers are never too busy to share the joy their furry little friends have brought into their life. 


Until recently, I was a semi-casual pet owner, I wouldn’t be afraid of sharing a story or two about the pets that have owned me, but I wasn’t in your face about it.  And then Stitch happened.


Stitch, as pictured above, is a French Bulldog.  Since we lost Shera, Jackie’s parent’s dog, we weren’t in a rush to get another one.  Its been a tough time, emotionally.  But Jackie started relenting, and the search for the proper breed started.  Not too big, not too small, she had a list of boxes to check off.  Which is an important step in adding a new companion into your life.  After careful consideration, the top of the list was the French Bulldog.


Now the hard part, finding the perfect one. The internet helped, although it is also a bane.  Too many options, and so many of them questionable.  Attractive pricing, sure, and some tell a great story, but how can you be sure.  And then, a friend suggested a very reputable breeder I knew of since moving here in 1999.  I knew she bred Labradors, but didn’t realize that she also bred Frenchies. 


So, I went to her website and was crushed to see no pups available.  I sent her an email anyway, and let her know we’d be open to fostering or retired females as well as wanting to be on her list for her next litter.  That evening, I got the email that changed our lives.  She had one female pup available, but hadn’t had the time to put her on the website.  Her brothers were sold, but “Cricket” was available! (“Cricket” was a no go for a name, other than Jiminy, Jackie isn’t a big fan of bugs, so a compromise was later reached in Stitch, you know, the mischievous alien with prodigious ears from Lilo and Stitch). If it wasn’t already 10:30 at night, we would have gone that night, instead, we went the next day, and got adopted. 


3 months old, her brothers were still there, awaiting the opportunity to travel to their new homes (no shipping in airplane cargo holds for these pups, new owners must accompany them on the plane!), so we were going to let her stay a little longer while we prepared, but that lasted 2 days.  We frantically prepped the house for our puppy, and went to bring her home. 


Now that we are owned by a French Bulldog, what is the screen saver on my phone,? Stitch.  Computer screen saver?  Stitch.  Video on the TV at work?  Stitch enjoying a bowl of raw food (yes, Stitch and Streaky, our Bengal cat, whose nose is still out of joint at the new puppy, are both fed the same raw diet).  And sitting at the poker table?  The conversation somehow turns to Frenchies. 


I don’t have a bumper sticker, a T-Shirt, jacket or a hat yet, but I can feel them coming.  In the meantime, if you see me, get ready for the latest story of the cute thing Stitch did today.

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