Dishes.  Most of the time I’m talking about what to put in a pet’s dish (or what not to put in it), so maybe its time to talk about those dishes themselves. There are lots of things to consider in choosing the vessel you put your pets food into, things like size, shape, height and what they are made out of, yet in some cases

Designer Dogs

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments and posts about how the price of puppies during COVID have skyrocketed, and how “mutts” are fetching thousands of dollars.   Purebred, papered pups have always fetched a high price, you generally have a breeder who has done their work to make sure the dogs are bred in a responsible way, a
There has been a lot of coverage lately about trends in dog breeding, the “new standards” that are being established for the aesthetics for certain dog breeds inside and outside of the show community. Some of these new standards are great.  The elimination of cropped tails and docked ears in breeds like Doberman’s and

Balanced Nutrition

Balanced nutrition. We hear that term every day. Whether it is about our diet, or our pets. It is something thatwe strive for, something no one debates as being essential for healthy living.We get balance in our diet through variety. We have food pyramids and nutritionists that tell us we need x, yand z in our diet, and if we aren’t

As things open up

With socialization mediated, and our pets making a much larger part of our social dynamic, we need to make sure that we are going to continue giving them the love we have to share now even after everything opens up.  Sure, we can’t go to the gym, so we take the dog out for a walk. When the gym opens back up, will we trade the

Adding a new dog

I have had a lot of new puppy owners in lately, and I am always concerned about how people find and buy puppies today. So here are some tips to try and help you (or someone you know) from potential problems in purchasing a puppy. There’s the first thing, purchasing. There are a lot of passionate people who promote “Adopt, don’t

So, Kennel Cough

So, kennel cough. Yes, it is a thing, and its not pretty. For most healthy dogs, it can be barely as bad as a cold. But for young or weakened dog, it can be serious enough to require veterinary intervention and medications. We are dealing with it t home right now, our Lab puppy Rey was not vaccinated for kennel cough because she was given other