Ball Python (Royal Python)


Origin: Africa

Life span: 20 - 30 years (record - 48 years).

Tank size: 20 gallon or more

Fresh water and at least one hide box are critical


Heat & Lamps:

-Nocturnal/crepuscular but still need heat to digest

-Ambient humidity at least 60%

-Provide a hide box which has a higher humidity to encourage better shedding (75%+)

-Daytime temperature of 26˚C-32˚C dropping to 22˚C-24˚C at night

-Under-tank heat pad preferred over an overhead basking light.


-coconut mulch and bark give the best combination of humidity and looks.  Driftwood or a decorative rock can be added to aid the snake during its shed. Can provide a climbing branch or two, some fake greenery, a hide box and a large water bowl for soaking.


-Rats preferred but mice will do; once a week. Size depending on their girth

Temperament: docile and can be shy and very reluctant to bite. They achieved the name ball python because of their habit of curling into a ball if threatened. 

Size: 3 to 5 feet, females are generally larger and heavier bodied than males.