Winter preparation

Winter is just around the corner and it is time to get out or buy boots, coats and other winter gear, for us and for our pets. Every year, we see new ideas coming out for winter gear, and some of them are amazing. With the advancement of materials and production methods, we are seeing […]

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Books. In our ever more automated lives, books seem to be less of a factor than ever. Time was when you wanted to know something, you looked in a book, you went to the library or if you were lucky, used the family encyclopedia. Reference books have become a rarity. Which is why I find

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RPO bylaw revision

For most people, keeping a pet means a cat or dog. Some may identify birds as pets, or rodents, or fish. A few find companionship in reptiles, snakes or amphibians, and take pleasure from providing appropriate environments for these animals. In many cases, the keeping of exotic pets is not at the exclusion of dogs

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Pet toy safety

I’ve had a few requests come in lately for topics, thank you everyone for helping and being a muse, it really helps. It can be tough to come up with new, topical and interesting takes on pets, every bit of assistance helps. Tragically, one such request comes from the loss of a beloved pet through

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As Things Start To Open Up

With socialization mediated, and our pets making a much larger part of our social dynamic, we need to make sure that we are going to continue giving them the love we have to share now even after everything opens up. Sure, we can’t go to the gym, so we take the dog out for a

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