puppy frenchie in santa hat

Holiday Gatherings

With a return towards normal this holiday season, we have new and concerning changes from years past in regards to our pets. Many of our pets are considered “COVID pets”, ones that we bought or rescued because we had extra time and love due to the pandemic. These pets have generally been acclimated to the …

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Why does my pet scratch

Why does my pet scratch? It must have allergies, right? I get this question every day, and in my experience, there is no one answer to the question. What the itch is, how it presents, what exacerbates it all come into the discussion, and are all important to resolving the issue. Allergies are, to a …

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A Changing Industry

For me, every day is a learning day, and every day is a teaching day. Some days I learn more than I teach, and those are good days. I grew up in the pet industry, my first retail job was in a pet store, and all through my adult life I have constantly been drawn …

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Fresh Foods To Add

There has been a lot of chatter in social media lately about the best way to extend our pets lives. I love it! People are always saying how much their pets mean to them, and now we are supporting that love with real ways to make our pets lives longer and happier. Anyone who knows …

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Grains In Pet Food

Over a year ago, I wrote my column about the headlines that were in the media about grain free dog foods and DCM (Dilated Cardio Myopathy, a heart condition). I was distressed by the amount of misinterpretation of both the source of the concern, and the framing of how to “fix” the issue. This concern …

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dog walking through sand


We just got a slight glimpse of spring that we are all so eagerly anticipating, and with our return to the wonderful outdoors with out pets, there are a lot of seasonal preparations we need to make. Many people think boots are for winter, and they would be right. Boots are necessary for many pets …

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betty white with a puppy licking her cheek

Betty White

There are moments when our attention is brought to issues that exist all the time. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, whether it be wearing pink or growing a mustache for Cancer Awareness, or wearing an Orange Shirt to remember Every Child Matters, these reminders can make a huge difference to these causes. Case …

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two dogs running

When you have 2 dogs

When you have 2 dogs, and you want to give them both something to chew, why can’t they just be nice and focus on the one you’ve given them? Why does every dog think that you’ve given the other dog something better? Rey and Leia need different chews. Rey can and will eat anything, but …

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dog sniffing bowl of kibble

Handling our pet food

Handling our pet’s foods is something we need to be concerned with, storing, portioning and serving our pets foods should have as much care as we give our own foods. There are food safety courses we can take when we work in restaurants or grocery stores, but none for pet food, really. I guess people …

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