I have written myriad columns regarding shelters and rescues, talking about their vital contributions to animal welfare, and their extraordinary efforts and results.  In those columns, I rarely mention one of the most important parts of this community, the volunteer fosters.  Fosters are individuals that give up time, space an even money to care for […]

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Take care this tick season

Tick season is just about upon us and, while there are many options for tick control, one of the most promoted may be the most concerning. Essential oil repellents, which use naturally derived repellents are all pretty safe, except in cases of extreme sensitivity. Some companies sell products which address the tick population itself —

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Introducing new food to your cats

Last column I told you all about the ‘whys’ of feeding raw food to cats, now it’s time to address the ‘hows’. There are cats which will immediately accept raw food and there will be those that never want to try anything different. Cats can be finicky. Unfortunately, we can’t make them understand how much

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A life-changing option for cats

If you read my column regularly (thank you), you know I am a real/raw food advocate. Most of my columns about nutrition focus on our canine companions but today I’m going to focus on cats. Cats are obligate carnivores – meaning they cannot properly digest vegetation. There may be dispute about whether dogs are carnivores

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