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In the time of COVID, any outing from the confines of our houses is cherished. People seem to be taking advantage of our leashless parks more than ever, and in the majority of cases, they are doing so responsibly. Unfortunately, there are always the exceptions to the rule, and there are some that either forget […]

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Winter pet safety

Had an interesting email last week with a column suggestion. Thanks, Michele for reading, and writing in. Most of the time, our winter worries regarding our pets are related to outfitting them to keep them warm and dry. Very important concerns, for sure, but not the only dangers winter poses. Michele raised the following point:

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Heart health and food

There has been a lot of confusing information put out in the media and by industry over pet foods and heart health. I want to make sure people get the most current information about these things, and try to correct a lot of the misconceptions and misrepresentations that this concern has caused. In 2019, the

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Which food should I buy

Which food should I buy.My last column prompted a number of readers to email me for recommendations on which brand of dog food they should buy. I appreciate the response; it is gratifying to know my words are being read. The main reason for the column, though, was to help you make that decision in

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What is in your pet food

What is in your pet’s food. Most people will look at the ingredient label for food that we eat, but how many will read a pet food label? We see the front of the bag, with pictures of chunks of beef, sushi grade salmon and other enticing images. We read the name, “Filet Mignon flavour”

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Sizing up your winter gear

Sizing up your winter gear. Dogs do not come in convenient sizes or proportions for off the rack fitting. Ordering online is even worse. Here are some tips to make outfitting your pup for our winter a little easier. Boots. Boots come in all manner of forms, from thin rubber “balloon like” boots to insulated

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Outside the box

Four decades in the pet industry means a lot of shared experience, and for someone with a vacuum cleaner for a brain, sucking up that knowledge base can be a huge help when someone comes in with a problem they just can’t seem to solve. I almost feel like I could write a book, or

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Designer Dogs

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments and posts about how the price of puppies during COVID have skyrocketed, and how “mutts” are fetching thousands of dollars. Purebred, papered pups have always fetched a high price, you generally have a breeder who has done their work to make sure the dogs are bred in a

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Dishes. Most of the time I’m talking about what to put in a pet’s dish (or what not to put in it), so maybe its time to talk about those dishes themselves. There are lots of things to consider in choosing the vessel you put your pets food into, things like size, shape, height and

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Pets and grass

Pets and grass. Why does my dog eat grass? This is a question we get all the time in the shop. “My dog is getting a well balanced diet, why does he eat grass?” First and most common answer, they like it. We all have odd tastes we enjoy, for some pets, grass can be

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