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Thrive Pet Food Market has a focus on ensuring only the best supplements are stocked for your pet needs. From anti-inflammatory, to powerful omegas and even anti-histamine products, we carry a little bit of something for almost every need.

meal plans

Meal Plans

Add a little variety into your dogs life by switching it up. We recommend adding in multiple manufacturers and proteins to get the best variety possible. With over 60 thaw and feed meals, from 10 different manufacturers featuring over 20 unique meat proteins.

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We’ve got a small collection of commonly asked questions to better help ease any possible concerns you might have about raw feeding in general. Check it out! Or if you’re a visual person, then we have a collection of videos as well you can watch!

Natural Foods Can Supplement Vet Treatment

Natural Foods Can Supplement Vet Treatment

Jeff McFarlaneOct 26, 20223 min read

One of our worst fears in life is cancer — for us, our loved ones, or even our pets. It is an insidious enemy that steals lives away. Modern society has always looked to the pharmaceutical industry for answers, and…

Feeding Pets The Logical Way

Feeding Pets The Logical Way

Jeff McFarlaneOct 12, 20223 min read

There’s more than one way to cook an egg. (I’m not going to use the skinning cats euphemism here: always hated that one). Literally, though, there are many ways of arriving at the same outcome, and what works and is…

Every Industry Has Trade Shows

Every Industry Has Trade Shows

Jeff McFarlaneSep 22, 20223 min read

Every industry will have trade shows, where manufacturers, distributors and customers are able to share information about what’s new in the business.  The pet industry is no different, and I was fortunate to recently attend my first trade show since…

Choosing the best raw foods for your pets

Choosing the best raw foods for your pets

Jeff McFarlaneAug 17, 20224 min read

For over a decade, I’ve been a strong advocate of feeding balanced raw diets. From a nutrition standpoint, for anyone or any animal, cleaner, fresher foods just make sense. How we got to the point that we accept hyper processed,…

Proper food handling keeps your pets safe

Proper food handling keeps your pets safe

Jeff McFarlaneAug 12, 20224 min read

There have been a few advisories issued in the pet industry recently, regarding reptile-keeping and salmonella. Apparently there have been issues with some contaminated, frozen feeder rodents; people have handled the feeders and subsequently the reptiles being infected with the…

Pets Are People Too

Jeff McFarlane is the proud owner of Thrive Pet Food Market. But his passion doesn’t stop at making sure your pets are well fed and tuckered out. He also writes bi-weekly article for the local paper, The Lance. With a wide range of topics, he talks about a lot of things that can help pet parents make more informed decisions regarding their fur babies care.

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Did you know...

Raw bones are excellent for dental health and mental stimulation? Of course it’s important to make sure you give the right bone for the right dog and their needs. And always supervise during feeding times to ensure the safety of your pet.

Small Dogs

We recommend using soft bones like chicken necks, duck feet, wing tips or whole sardines. These are excellent treats that are suitable for smaller companions, or an addition to a homemade meals.

Large Dogs

We recommend using the larger, tougher bones like knuckles, femurs and ribs. These help stimulate the jaw muscles, encourage mental stimulation and to help keep those teeth healthy and clean!

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