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Well, dog shows number one and two are in the books, and Stitch came out a winner!  Check out the Blue Ribbon puppy!


Many people have commented on how beautiful Stitch is, and when we  picked her up, the breeder (who is a respected show judge as well) showed us the many very good features Stitch displays as a French Bulldog. 


Don't get me wrong, Stitch is foremost a loved member of the family, and her place is not on a pedestal, but curled up beside Jackie on the couch or in her bean bag nearby.  And more recently, in the bed (looks like I lost the Bed Dog / Not Bed Dog "discussion").


We decided to have some fun, and see what showing her was all about.  So our friends Kim and Pam have been working with Stitch on her playdates at Vada's Club K9, and Pam agreed to show her. 


Last weekend was the big MCA (Manitoba Canine Association) show up in East St. Paul , and Stitch was entered as a Junior Puppy (6-9mths).  When we got there, turns out she's the only Junior Frenchie, so she wins, and gets a ribbon!   So now we can say we have an award winning dog.


Winning Junior means she gets to go against the Senior Puppies, and there was one entered, oddly enough, being handled by Stitches breeder.  The ladies have been working with Stitch to get her to walk properly on lead in the ring, but at crunch time, no amount of toys or treats could get her to walk properly.  Take three steps and sit.  Not a good quality in a show dog.  Even though the judge commented that she is a very good looking dog, her show ended there. 


She did better on the Sunday, although she decided to roll in the dirt as we walked through the parking lot to the show.  This time, a more junk food treat was key, and Jackie stayed out of sight, but she still didn't have quite enough to win more than another Junior Puppy uncontested ribbon.


That's OK, we're not in it to become champions at Westminster, although that could be real fun.  We are doing it for the experience, to see what that world is all about.  Good experience for Pam, although I think she could have done with less stress than having three dogs to show (Stitch, Kim's Cairo and  her own Smudge)  all scheduled in a very short window of time.  But that again is good training, even if stressful.


Will we enter Stitch again?  I'm sure we will.  Maybe, this time, she will have learned to walk properly and have a chance to compete.  She's a bit of a show off, and I think if she figures out that walking properly and proudly will get her more adoration, that might be an incentive for her to do better.  She truly is a beautiful dog, and a great example of the breed standard.  Her mommy and pop couldn't be prouder.



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