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Many years ago, in a city far, far away, there lived a young newywed, with a lovely young wife.  He knew that making her parents happy would go a long way to keeping her happy, so he set out to find a way into their hearts.


Lo and behold, he found out that her mother wanted a canary.  The young man had contacts, including a gentleman who bread hundreds and hundreds of top quality canaries.  Every variety, from the basic yellow canary to the most exotic Parisian Frill, Vincenzo had them all.  So off the young man went.


Visiting Vince, the young man told him that he wanted a Canary for his mother in law.  This caught Vince off guard.  For your Mother in Law, he asked?  Yes, the stereotype of the evil mother in law was in play here, and the young man had to explain that yes, he actually liked his mother in law, and was interested in making her happy.


With the help of Vince at his well stocked pet store, he picked up a Canary cage and all the supplies, seed, treats, gravel paper, and a swing.  Always important when giving a pet as a present to make sure all its immediate needs are taken care of.   


Then the big decision.  Which Canary to choose.  So many types, so many colours.  But then the question was asked.  Vince wanted to know, did I want a Canary tht was pretty, or one that sang like Pavarotti.


The choice was simple.  Pavarotti of course.  A bird to entertain you, regardless where you are in the house.  So off to the back we go, and there, in a cage off to the side, is a very drab looking bird.  Vince  explained, this was a green border canary.  Not a pretty bird, but it was an exceptional singer.  And this bird in particular was the best.


Mom was excited and impressed with her new pet.  At first, not to sure, it didn't look like what most people think is a Canary.  No bright yellow Tweety Bird.  But once he settled in and started to sign, there was no doubt.


Pavarotti brought joy into their lives daily for many years, until they moved into a cabin that was not a suitable environment for him.  So the young man and his wife took over care of the bird until he passed, years later, greeting each day with a song, and singing the sun away as it set.


Mom has since passed, but now, hearing the song of a Canary brings back memories of those days, of visiting with family and hearing Pavarotti join in the conversation.  It is amazing how a smell, or a sound can spark old memories, it is a wonderful way our minds are wired.



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