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It took me a long time to embrace frozen raw dog food.  It just seemed to be too difficult, too expensive and too dangerous to actually be worth doing, especially with all the great kibble dog foods out there.

But I saw the results many of my friends and customers were having using raw diets, and my attitude changed. 


Yes, you can get fantastic results with high quality kibbles, and I don't think we'll ever see them relinquish their hold on the majority of the marketplace.  But for those that want the best for their pets, regardless price or convenience, there is definitely no match for a quality raw pet food.  But make sure, just like with kibble, that you get a good quality food, made by a reputable company from great, human grade ingredients.


And for those worried about whether pets can handle raw foods, please remember:  There has never been a case of a pet owning a stove.  Until we started feeding them, they ate raw.  And raw chicken bones are OK, it's once they are cooked that they become choking hazards.  Imagine trying to "make a wish" with a raw chicken wishbone.  Just not going to happen.


And things just got better.  We are fortunate to have a local company producing a world class frozen raw diet, right here in Starbuck! And they use local chicken as its main ingredient.  Fresh and local are great, but the kicker is, it is reasonably priced!


Until now, a good quality frozen raw diet was $3/lb or more in bulk, even more if you bought smaller quantities or specialty types.  A lot of that cost is marketing and transportation, two items that don't contribute anything to the health of your animal.


Perfectly Raw is a line of poultry based frozen raw pet foods that is made here in Manitoba from human grade chicken.   They provide a variety of choices, from whole necks or backs as a treat, to ground backs or lean meaty bones as a basis for your own mixes to complete dinners including fish, eggs, liver and veggies.  They even have a ground turkey product as well.


Some dogs like the product frozen, but most people defrost the product in the fridge.  I use a heavy freezer bag and put a couple days worth in it to defrost (the product is fine for up to 4 days in the fridge once defrosted).  After defrosting, I portion it out like I would a canned food. 


Feeding directions - 2-3% of the dogs proper body weight per day.  More for working dogs, pregnant or lactating females or puppies. 


Remember, this is raw chicken, and all raw chicken handling protocols apply.  While salmonella is not a concern for pets, it is with the people they share their homes with.  Make sure to clean and sterilize afterwards, and clean the bowls after every feeding.  If there are small children or immunologically suppressed people in the household, take extra care, or refrain from using the product while they are present.

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