Fire Belly Toad

Origin: Southern and Southeastern Asia

Life span: 10-15 years or more if properly cared for. (record of 30)

Tank size: 10 gallons per 1-3 frogs, one frog all by itself at least 4 or 5 gallons of space

-Amphibian tank: 60% water and 40% land both with hiding places for the toads. (2-4 inches of water) On the land use rounded rocks to help the toad climb out of the water, some moss for your toad to burrow into.

"DO NOT use gravel or any other sharp items in the habitat, they can hurt your frog if swallowed or puncture their skin!"

**The toads are extremely sensitive to chlorine; de-chlorinate any tap water you use in the tank.**

Heat/Lamps: DO NOT USE A HEATER OR A LIGHT THAT HEATS UP! Use a fluorescent bulb with low light as they do not like it bright, and put it outside of the tank, preferably over the side with water. When you feed your toad, put the insects on the land side AWAY FROM THE LIGHT! If they look at the light, it will damage their vision. A heater is not usually necessary as these frogs can handle room temperature, although warmer temperatures are considered more ideal by some (24-25°C). A basking area can be set up with a low wattage lamp (use a thermometer and aim for about 25°C).

Diet: gut loadedcrickets, small worms, or cut up regular worms and guppies (not the fancy ones). Use calcium powder on insects. They do not have extendable tongues, so use their mouths to grab their food and stuff it into their mouths with their forelegs. Do not over feed watch that the frogs do not become overweight.

Temperament: The salts on our skin will hurt your toad and can be fatal. Their oils are slightly toxic and can cause a rash. Fire bellied toads are known to become extremely excited when touched by a human; they are not meant to be touched. Only handle the toad when cleaning the tank. Use latex gloves to take it out and put it in a container that is NOT PLASTIC - the chemicals will harm your toad.

Wash the tank

  • Wash rocks thoroughly in a strainer.
  • Wash tank. Do not use any soaps, you can use really watered down bleach but make sure its smell is completely rinsed from the tank, toads are very sensitive to chemicals.
  • Put the rocks in the bottom of the tank.
  • Put toads back into tank.


Size: about 2 inches (5 cm)
Temperament: You can mix these guys with house geckos, green tree frogs or something of similar sizebut be careful as they secrete toxins from glands behind the head. In some individuals there is a spot of color, such as green or brown, where these glands are located. For this reason, it is extremely important that any water in the habitat is changed every few days or is filtered as the toxin will build up in the water and can harm the toads. Many species do not seem to be bothered by the toxins if the primary water source is filtered properly.