Crested Gecko (Eyelash Gecko)


Origin: Island of New Caledonia is found in the southeast Pacific, just east of Australia. The island consists of coastal plains with inland forests and mountains. The island, roughly the size of New Jersey, is a typical tropical island, hot and humid.

Life span:  believed to be 10-15 years unknown since had thought to be extinct and researchers still have first specimens from 1994

Tank size:

-Babies 10 gallon or smaller volume

-4 month to adult recommended 20 gallons volume

-Screen cages fine, higher the better rather than wide or long

-Semi-arboreal; spending most of their time in small trees and low shrubs

Heat & Lamps:

-22 and 27 (75-80) degrees for most of the year

- At temperatures of 29 (85) degrees or warmer, crested geckos will become stressed

*two month cooling period is recommended to allow breeding crested geckos to rest. During this period temperatures should be kept at 18 to 21 (65-70) degrees.*

-12 to 14 hours of light (10 hours of light in cooling period)

-Lighting optional, Fluorescent lights can be placed directly on the cage top

-Unnecessary to use UVB lighting for crested geckos

-Can keep room temp as long as doesn't go below 18


-Substrates that hold humidity such as Eco-Earth (coconut husk) or mosses.

 Diet: both insects and fruits

-Repashy Crested Gecko Diet; 1 part powder to 2 parts water; includes essential fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins that cresties need

-Crested geckos get the other nutrition they need from soft/rotten fruit in the wild. To duplicate this you can add baby food to Crested Gecko Diet. (Must be pure fruit baby food)

- Optionally offer 10 insects per week; insects no larger than the distance from the geckos nose to eye

- Offer a dish of Calcium or be sure to dust insects with a calcium powder pure/D3

- Mist down enclosure daily to give crested geckos a chance to drink from leaves as they mayl not drink out of water dishes because they are unable to see standing water.


**Checking the Calcium Sacs
Crested Geckos store calcium in the roof of the mouth in what are called endolymphatic sacs. You can check these reserves from time to time to monitor the storage level of calcium. This is particularly important for breeding female geckos and should be done periodically regardless of your feeding practices.


Temperament: Crested Geckos are very handle able. They tolerate moderate to heavy handling even when they are relatively young. Crested Geckos can drop their tails if handled improperly

Size : 5 to 8 inches