Corn Snake


Origin: North American species of rat snake

Life span: 12-18 years captive breed

Tank size:

-Baby corns can happily live in a ten gallon or enclosure of similar size as long as appropriate heating is provided

-Adult size (about three to four years) require minimum of a twenty gallon long aquarium. Larger aquariums such as a thirty gallon breeder or fifty-five gallon tank are also appropriate.

-Hiding spots can be made of anything; as long as the snake can completely fit inside the area and hide itself from view- should provide one on each side of tank so it feels safe in both temperatures.


-Provide one half of the cage where the ambient (air) temperature is around 26-29˚C other half is ok at room temp. Easiest way to do this is with an under tank heater- Can also use above tank light if enclosure does not allow for under tank heater. NO hot rocks as they may cause burns-without a thermo regulator



We recommend a combination of  reptile bark and coconut husk for humidity control and appearance.


Diet: are active feeders –mice should be fed weekly; size depends on girth of snake. Clean water should be available at all times, corn snakes drink often.


Temperament: Corn snakes tolerate a wide variety of environmental conditions, come in a dazzling array of color morphs, and are very easy to breed. “Social” snakes meaning they can be handled often with out stress.


Size: 3-5 feet