The grooming profession is hard on the body; standing all day, repetitive motion of scissors, and many other challenges.

Effective at the end of June, Jackie has decided to retire from grooming due to the toll it is taking on her wrists and back.
Jackie loves your dogs and it breaks her heart to have to stop, but if she continues the damage may become permanent.

In these unusual times we know you understand that health is the most important thing we have, and we cannot risk her losing her ability to draw or paint.

We thank you for your patronage over the years, and will give you your dog’s file to assist your new groomer as to what has been done with your dog in the past.


Jackie Watts

Jackie has been grooming for more than 10 years.
She apprenticed under one of the best groomers in Winnipeg.
She is taking appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
She does have a size limit of 20 lbs for her furry clients to prevent injuries to her back.
Jackie is trained in grooming all breeds, but she seems to have built
a big following in the Schnauzer and Pug community.

Currently Jackie is not taking on new clients.

Angela Goodall

Angela has been grooming for over 15 years and is striving to achieve her master grooming certificate.
She is taking appointments on Monday, Wednesday and Sundays.
Angela is able to accept larger dogs, up to 45 lbs.
Anything larger won't fit on our table! Angela is trained in grooming all breeds
and provides a calm and stress free environment.

Currently Angela is not taking any new clients.


We are not accepting any new clients

Full Grooming
is available by appointment only. Appointments are booked at least a day in advance and we recommend booking a week in advance to ensure the spot you want. Come or call to meet our groomers to see which person is right for your dog.

Nails and Face, Feet, and Tails are available by walk in or call in the day of. We recommend calling us earlier in the day to see when the groomer can best fit you in.

(204) 256 7705
(appointments usually take: 1 hour - 1 hour + 30 minutes)
(start of first appointment - start of last appointment)


Past Clients (6 Photos)

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