Perfectly Raw is a line of poultry and pork-based frozen raw pet foods that is made here in Manitoba.  They provide a variety of choices, from whole necks or backs as a treat, to ground backs or lean meaty bones as a basis for your own mixes to complete dinners including fish, eggs, liver and veggies.  They even have ground turkey and pork products as well.  More info at

Available in 4lb packs of convenient 1lb chunks scored to 1/2 lb portions, or 32 lb boxes containing 16 2lb chunks scored into 1/2 lb portions, we stock all of the varieties, with quantity orders available upon request.

16x2 Box (each 2 lb piece is scored into 1/2 lb portions)



Whole Chicken Necks IQF 
2 lb                           $5.99

Whole Chicken Backs IQF
2 lb                           $5.79
32 lb                        $41.99


Component items for DIY, NOT complete or balanced.

Ground Chicken Backs
4 lb                      $8.99 
 32 lb (16X2)         $51.99

Ground Lean Meaty Bones
4 lb                          $8.99
32 lb (16X2)             $51.99
Ground Turkey 
4 lb             $9.99
32 lb (16X2)  $58.99


Complete / Balanced / Vet Approved

Pro Energy Mix 
4 lb                     $9.99
32 lb (16X2)       $59.99

Pro-Fish Mix
4 lb                     $10.99
32 lb (16X2)         $69.99

Chicken Dinner
4 lb                     $11.99
32 lb (16X2)         $77.99

Turkey Dinner
4 lb                  $12.99
32 lb (16X2)      $81.99

Purrfect Pro Mix
4 lb                     $14.99
32 lb (16X2)        $89.99

Pure Pork Mix
4 lb                     $16.99
32 lb (16X2)          $99.99

Combo Box
32 lb (16X2)     $79.99

Bulk Orders 

 We are now keeping 8x4 Pro Energy in stock, in store. 

The rest of the 32lb bulk (8x4) boxes are available on a special order basis only.  These boxes are not the same as the 16x2 boxes, the product is put in the bag and then a cardboard insert input in place in the fresh product, and then the whole box is frozen.  These 4 lb chunks are meant for people with large or multiple dogs that defrost 4lbs or more at a time. 

These have to be ordered in advance and subject to the next delivery time (usually less than a week).   

Ground backs / Ground Lean Meaty Bones (8X4)                                $46.99
Pro Energy Mix (8X4)                                                                           $53.99  

These are the only product available in this size. 

Frequent Feeder Program

We also offer a buy 12 get 1 free frequent feeder program, done in house. 

We keep a card of your purchases, and when you have accumulated 12 boxes/bags, you will get the thirteenth one free (free box/bag will be the least expensive one purchased on that card).

Done for Perfectly Raw Products exclusively. 

 Speciality Items

We have, as well, a few items we have prepared specially for us that can be hard to find.


    Complete Diet:

              Add-In Components:

Our Special Blend Beef Tripe (cubed)

(Chicken, Beef, Trout, Organs and Cooked Eggs)  $29.99/5 lbs
$74.99/25 lbs
$18.99 / 5 lbs
$74.99 / 25 lbs

Specialty Items / Bones / Chews:

Chicken Feet (frozen)                                    $4.99/lb  
Duck Feet (frozen)                                         $5.99/lb  
Duck Heads (frozen)                                 2 for $4.99  




A selection of Beef, Lamb, Buffalo, Venison and Kangaroo products, as well as Beef Tripe, and Beef Knuckles.  More info at  These are perfect for dogs with allergies, or for adding different proteins into your dog's diet. Tripe, although the stinkiest thing on the planet, is a wonder food for dogs. 

You will notice 4 items for dogs with the word ECO in the name.  The ECO line is an ecologically friendly blend that includes a sustainable insect protein.  Insects are a high-quality protein source with a very small environmental footprint.




Beef Tripe $5.99 1 lb Kangaroo Complete $3.99 1/4 lb
$4.99 1/2 lb

Beef/Tripe Complete $9.99 1 lb 
$12.99 2 lb
Turkey Complete $4.99 1/2 lb
Venison Complete  $14.99 1 lb Beef Complete $3.79 1/4
$5.99 1/2 
Kangaroo Complete $9.99 1 lb Wild Boar/Veggies $7.99 1/2

Dogs and Cats

Salmon/Tripe Complete $3.99 1/2 lb Beef/Tripe/Organ Base $7.99 1 lb

Herring/Veggies $5.99 1 lb
Venison/Organ Base
$8.99 1/2 lb

Cornish Hen/Veggies    $4.99 1/2 lb Lamb/Organ Base $6.99 1 lb

ECO Line


Venison ECO  
$10.99 1 lb
Turkey Necks                                  
2 for $9.99

Lamb ECO
$9.99 1 lb
Beef Knuckle

$4.99 /S
$5.99 /M
$6.99 /L

Beef ECO $8.99 1 lb Buffalo Femur $9.99 /M-L

Kangaroo ECO $9.99 1 lb
Beef Meaty Bones                          
$6.99 /mini 
$11.99 /small
Lamb Shank                                    

Whole Prey

Beef Femur

$6.99 /S
$9.99 /M-L
Whole Herrings  $4.99 1 lb
Cut Boar Drums                              
Wild Boar Shanks                           




A selection of various proteins.  More info at:  These are perfect for dogs with allergies or for adding different proteins into your dog's diet.  


Complete Diet

Pure Fish
$24.99 6 lb
$36.99 8 lb
$45.99 8 lb
$27.99 6 lb
$29.99 8 lb
$33.99 8 lb
Turkey with Beef 
$26.99 6 lb




A selection of Duck, Rabbit, Salmon, Lamb, Turkey, and Chicken products. More info at  These are perfect for dogs or cats with allergies, or for adding different proteins into your animal's diet.


Mini Bites (Cat)


Medallions (Dog)


$13.99 1.25 lb Duck  $26.99 3 lb
Rabbit  $16.99 1.25 lb Rabbit $29.99 3 lb
Salmon  $12.99 1.25 lb Lamb  $24.99 3 lb
Chicken  $9.99 1.25 lb Turkey  $18.99 3lb
    Beef $24.99 3 lb



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We also offer a wide range of interesting raw and raw compatible treats and supplements.

Please call to confirm current availability and price, subject to change without notice, price in store will be considered the correct price.