It took me a long time to embrace frozen raw dog food.  It just seemed to be too difficult, too expensive and too dangerous to actually be worth doing, especially with all the hype about great kibble dog foods out there.  And so many vets seemed to be against it, it has to be bad, right?

But I saw the results many of my friends and customers were having using raw diets, and my attitude changed.  Yes, you can get fantastic results with high quality kibbles, and I don't think we'll ever see them relinquish their hold on the majority of the marketplace.  But for those that want the best for their pets, regardless price or convenience, there is definitely no match for a balanced diet of quality raw pet food.  But make sure, just like with kibble, that you get a good quality food, made by a reputable company from great ingredients from human grade source.

And for those worried about whether pets can handle raw foods, please remember:  There has never been a case of a pet owning a stove.  Until we started feeding them, they ate raw.  And raw chicken bones are OK, it's once they are cooked that they become choking hazards.  Imagine trying to "make a wish" with a raw chicken wishbone.  Just not going to happen.  But be conscious of how your animal consumes any bone in meat, if they gulp or try to swallow pieces that are too large, it can be dangerous.  Supervise the initial offerings, and in the case of raw beef or bison bones, remove any pieces that might be choking hazards.   

Why do holistic vets embrace raw, while vet clinics seem to hate raw?  When trying to solve a question like this, we have to follow the money.  Watch the videos below, by a world renowned vet who specializes in nutrition.  And then ask the anti-raw vet where they get their nutrition information from.  I bet there's a kibble logo on the document.  Its not rocket science to figure out if there is a bias there.  But we want the best for our pets, so we have to look past the bias.

I have had a lot of people come in concerned about diabetes, UTI's, urinary stones, and other chronic illnesses in their pets.  Will raw fix these?  I'm not a vet, and I can't guarantee that raw is the answer for these problems in every animal, but the underlying causes of these problems are often linked to carbs in the food, or to improper hydration, both of which are addressed by raw foods.  And no one will ever tell you that artificial ingredients or preservatives are essential to your good health, the same goes for our pets.

We are fortunate to have a local company producing a world class frozen raw diet, right here in Starbuck! And they use local chicken that you would find at the grocery store as its main ingredient.  Fresh and local are great, but the kicker is, it is reasonably priced!

Until now, a good quality frozen raw diet was $3/lb or more in bulk, a lot more if you bought smaller quantities or specialty types.  A lot of that cost is marketing and transportation, two items that don't contribute anything to the health of your animal.