We love adding new things to the store.  You have seen over the years our freezers expand, and we are hoping to add a walk-in freezer in the near future.   We will also be doing a few more updates in the store, changing some of the displays and decor.

New Products that you will find in store include:

Dog and Cat food, and Bone Broths:

100% natural, no synthetic ingredients food that gets all its nutrition from actual food. 

Bowls, treat trays and water bottles:

Using 100% Silicone, the stainless steel bowls come with silicone lids that make them ideal for raw feeders, the treat trays can be either frozen or baked, and the water bottles are stainless steel with a flip out silicone bowl.

Mudbuster paw cleaning systems:

The darling of social media, the Mudbuster has silicone bristles that help wash away mud from your dog's paws. 

Always bringing in new items, if there is something you are looking for, let us know...